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Happy Fruit D9+CBDA+CBGA Live Rosin Gummies – Watermelon Wellness

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Happy Fruit D9+CBDA+CBGA Live Rosin Gummies – Watermelon Wellness

Enjoy watermelon’s sweet and refreshing taste with this perfectly formulated wellness gummy!

Each gummy is a blend of 15mg Delta 9, 25mg CBGA, 25mg CBDA, and 25mg live rosin terpenes to make that watermelon truly juicy!

Available in a resealable bag of 10 gummies total.

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Happy Fruit Watermelon Wellness Gummies are a Sativa-Esque daytime blend formulated for overall health and wellness. The flavor of these gummies is just as sweet, refreshing, and inviting as the blend of cannabinoids they are infused with!

Watermelon Wellness gummies come in a resealable bag with ten gummies total. Each gummy is a high-quality blend of 15mg Delta 9 THC, 25mg CBDa, 25mg CBGa, and 25mg full-spectrum live rosin. This terpene-rich live rosin extract ensures users experience an authentic watermelon flavor.

This blend is an excellent wellness blend to add to a user’s daily routine. Experience a light buzz from the Delta 9 THC, along with the wellness benefits of CBDa and the pain relief and mood-boosting properties of CBGa.

What Are CBDa And CBGa?

If users are familiar with cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, they know every cannabinoid starts as CBGa (the mother cannabinoid.) CBDa and CBGa are precursors to CBD and CBG.

CBDa and CBGa are the acidic forms of CBD and CBG. When cannabinoids are heated, dried, or processed, they change molecular structure through decarboxylation. This process removes an acidic carboxyl group from these cannabinoid’s molecular chain.

Recent studies show that activating the cannabinoid acid and turning it into CBD isn’t completely necessary. Other studies have shown that CBGa and CBDa may be MORE effective in aiding to treat some diseases and conditions.

What Is The Difference Between Live Rosin And Live Resin?

Although these two types of extractions are nearly identical, one key difference sets them apart. Live rosin and live resin utilize fresh or flash-frozen hemp plants during extraction to help preserve flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoid content. 

The main difference is that live resin extraction is done with solvents and chemicals. Live rosin is a solventless method of extraction. The only other difference between these two methods is that live rosin extraction is thought to preserve even more terpenes than live resin.

The thought is that live rosin is the best to accentuate terpene flavor profiles, while live resin is best for increased potency while still offering a better flavor than a pure distillate.

Product Features:

    • Full Spectrum Terpene Rich Live Rosin
    • Fast Acting Formula
    • Ultimate Wellness Formula
    • 10 Gummies Per Pouch
    • 250mg Rosin, 250mg CBDa, 250mg CBGa

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