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Hemp THCA Pre-roll – 1.5G


Why buy Monkey Town Hemp Pre-Rolls?
Boasting a host of health benefits that you know and love, these THCA Pre-Rolls from Monkey Town Hemp allow you to keep your flower easily accessible and ready for use! Our Hemp Pre-Rolls are grown in Dayton, TN and each of them contain 1 Gram of premium indoor grown Hemp Buds containing THCA. Hand picked and carefully packed by our concessioners, you are sure to love our Pre-Rolls which contain less than 0.3% THC Delta 9 THC.

Select from Sativa, Sativa Hybrid, Indica or Indica Hybrid.

Note: Strains (chemovars) will vary due to harvesting times. Select the effect you desire:

  • Sativa – Stimulating, boosts energy, eases depression, increases focus (daytime).
  • Indica – Relaxing, tranquilizing, reduces pain, stimulates appetite (nighttime).
  • Hybrid – Contains similar levels of indica and sativa with a dominance for effect. These “best of both worlds” strains offer a balance between the benefits of both types.

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Each one contains 1 Gram of THCA that is pre-rolled for your convenience. We only use top quality bud in our Pre-Rolls. We don’t fill with shake! Our concessioners hand pick only the finest locally grown fresh indoor Hemp Buds to create our Pre-Rolls.

Why buy THCA Hemp?
The results are directly linked to maintaining the balance and improvement of a host of health factors relating to:

• Appetite
• Anxiety
• Headaches and migraines
• Chronic inflammation and pain
• Overall Mood
• Sleep Quality
• Reduced Stress
• Tension & Muscle pain

Monkey Town Hemp has years of experience locally (Dayton, TN) producing Federally Legal Hemp products that help to improve the lives of our customers. Quality and excellence are the promises we make to our customers, and we take those promises seriously.

Note: This is a Federally Compliant Hemp Product.

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Chemovar (Strain)

Sativa, Sativa Hybrid, Indica, Indica Hybrid


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