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Hemp Haven – Chesapeake, VA

Are you tired of working in the never-ending saga that defines today’s health care?

Are you ready to reignite your passion for helping people?

Do you want to heal our patients and provide our communities with real wellness options?

We are looking for nurses and other healthcare professionals who are passionate about helping people and learning about cannabis as medicine!

Cannabis healthcare professionals educate, coach, and advocate for safe cannabis access and use in their communities.

The potential to heal our communities and change the world exists within the realm of cannabinoids as medicine, and at Hemp Haven Cannabinoid Dispensary, we are dedicated to teaching our patients and our healthcare professionals about how cannabis can be used safely and appropriately to address every condition known to medicine.

After all, it’s why the US Department of Health and Human Services was awarded a patent in 2003 for Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants!

Another historical event occurred in 2018, when the National Council of State Boards of Nursing published the National Nursing Guidelines for Medical Marijuana, mandating that all nurses across the US learn about cannabis as medicine in order to support our population in their cannabis use.

Just recently, the American Nurses Association formally recognized Cannabis Nursing as the newest subspecialty of nursing in September 2023.

You see, our world is changing.
The paradigm that saw cannabis as a drug of abuse is shifting.

There are now over 80 years of scientific medical research that indicates one thing: Cannabis is Medicine.

Join our CannaFam as we strive to provide Health for All and serve as a welcome respite against the dysfunctional complex that has become today’s healthcare environment.

Share your resume below and we will be in touch!