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January 15, 2022

WNIS News time now 906 Stay tuned for ask the expert with Hemp Haven here on AM 7 90 W N I S

Good morning and welcome to another ask the experts sitting with joining us this morning is Dr. Denise Foster of Hemp Haven Good morning doctor how you doing today. Good morning happy New Year happy New Year to you So I understand you got quite a bit to cover but first Hemp Haven they’re located in Chesapeake at 480 Kempsville Road Suite 104, across from Walmart neighborhood market. I live in Chesapeake so I know exactly where you are I need to stop by sometime call them up 7576093767

Chesapeake dot Hemp Haven dot store online to follow them on Facebook and Instagram and I understand you guys offer some free consultations How can we make that happen Absolutely We have free consultations either in the store We do it virtually through the internet and we can also do it over the phone Doesn’t take very long Usually the longest part is you know sharing your thoughts about why you want to use these products and then we go from there Perfect Well

You can do that or you can get your questions answered right here on air 7576277979 Dr. Denise Foster here answering anything you need to know about the growing field of CBD and I understand the research is not the only thing growing so I understand there’s been some legislation moving in Virginia Let’s uh I’d like to hear more about that Yeah, it’s an exciting time in Virginia for cannabis I’d first like to start by congratulating

Governor Duncan and lieutenant governors winsome Sears and of course our Attorney General Jason Mayors. I think they have a long road ahead I know that Dr. I mean I’m sorry Governor Duncan has been quoted as saying that he’s inherited a problem

and yes, this is a problem and it’s not for the problem that we think of It’s a problem across the country because there are so many different conflicting laws and conflicting regulations and the cannabis industry is growing Uh no pun intended.

We want to make sure in Virginia that we do it right We do it the right way We include uh social equity uh and make sure that people who have been wrong in this industry are that’s righted We also want to make sure that people are protected We want to make sure that businesses are protected We want to make sure that people understand how to use it safely and appropriately and education is a big part of that We also want to make sure that

We limit access and we make sure that it’s tested and it’s safe for consumption in any manner by adults over 21 and so we’re going to see a lot of legislation coming in the next year in fact Governor Duncan and his team have already noted that instead of waiting until 2024 they’d like to push this up to January of 2023 So that doesn’t give us much time uh to figure it all out and to do it right but I have confidence that they will

Excellent! I read something about the controlled substance act I’d say that’s the current law. What does that entail? Absolutely. We have some I like to refer to this as the schizophrenic United States of cannabis because we now have 37 38 states that have some form of either medicinal or recreational legalization

So that’s almost you know that’s a good 75% of the states across the country Whereas at the federal level the controlled substance act continues to regard cannabis as a schedule one meaning it has no medicinal value and it is on the same level as heroin and cocaine and all of those harm

drugs that do kill people and not saying that cannabis shouldn’t be somewhere on the schedule shouldn’t be somewhere where it is regulated just like alcohol is regulated or other pharmaceuticals are regulated that have an impact that compare said driving You know drunk driving, we don’t want impaired driving at all in any standard

but we want to make sure that that cannabis businesses and retailers are not caught in that that dichotomy you know at the federal level you can’t uh use a bank for instance Just last year uh my store had two episodes where my bank account was closed

So, it was very troublesome It was very concerning because I have all of the legitimate you know I’m trying to be transparent I’m a legitimate business owner I have an E I N I pay my sales taxes monthly to the state of Virginia I pay my quarterly taxes to the state and to the federal I have a business license now for two years in Chesapeake but my bank account told me that I was a high risk prohibited entity

and closed me twice in one year So this is the conundrum that has occurred because of this schizophrenic approach from the federal level and there have been several bills across the Congress over the last several years that have tried to change this that have tried to remedy this and one of them was the safe Banking Act

And this was just last approved in the house last fall and it when it moved to the Senate it was part of the National Defense Authorization Act where it was struck down in in December of 2021 It will now hopefully re manifest in the more act the more accidents for the marijuana opportunity reinvestment and expungement act

This is a bill that is sitting right now at the Senate It is sponsored by cory Booker and majority leader chuck Schumer We’re hoping that this will make its play but we’re having these in fights between republicans and democrats’ republicans seem to want more of the business side uh and control and taxes and the democrats seem to want more of the social equity side

So, we really need to get this passed through What it gave me Hope was just in December of last year The first Republican backed uh cannabis legalization bill was introduced in the House by Nancy Uh I believe her name was Nancy uh Nancy mace from South Carolina and this had the republican backing and it’s sitting now it’s called the state’s reform Act

which would combine a little bit of both of these safe banking act and the more act and we’ll see what we can do but there’s a lot of activity in Congress right now regarding this because the states do have this moment where they see they see the dollar signs but more importantly we know that it needs to be access safely regulated and education needs to be a

excellent So yeah, we for sure need a united front on this thing and some very dated laws and it’s just it’s a bizarre to me at this at this point in time That’s there’s just so little knowledge about it and it’s not yet made its way to the higher power So but that’s what you’re here for here to clarify gets give us all knowledge and how the thing goes So

anybody wants to come and get some acknowledge 7576277979 talked a bit about the science of CBD How does that differ from THC and why is this should that place so much into the passage of these laws

When we think of marijuana we automatically gravitate to the impairing effects of marijuana and the impairing effects are caused by there could be a combination of several compounds but we know most likely attribute them to is the tetrahydrocannabinol and that’s THC

and right now there are several forms actually of THC in the plant and where people get mostly confused between marijuana and hemp is that they are cousins they are not the same plant marijuana cannabis if you will is very high in THC and that’s where it gets its infamy and used in high amounts People will get high because that’s the stone the impair that that psychedelic that psycho impairing effect from the THC levels in marijuana hemp is very high in CBD and other cannabinoids but it doesn’t have a lot of THC it’s very rare in the hemp plant to get THC

We do know that back in the old days for instance the colonies of Jamestown were required All colonists were required to grow hemp and half that hemp stayed in the colonies to make things like rope and fiber and fishing line and fishing nets and it was used as animal and livestock feed

It was used for clothing and other things and paper and then half of that hemp and the colonies was sent back to King James I mean sorry king George for him to use and there’s an old wives tale that sailors would try to smoke the rope and things and it’s

just doesn’t work It truly is non psychoactive and so the C B D That comes from plants like hemp are non-psychoactive but yet they have many different physiological benefits because they interact with our body’s own endocannabinoid system

I must know the story about how what prompted them to smoke a rope

But yes, that’s very interesting So how long has this science been around CBD I’ve only myself heard that in recent years No actually CBD was the first compound discovered in cannabis It was discovered I want to say back in 1938 by Dr Roger Adams Uh he was examining the plant and there were there’s over 400 compounds in in the plant and they all have some form of physiological activity

And we only know of you know a handful of these We’re discovering more now that research the research gates have opened but we know what these compounds can do because we have research that extends back into the 19 forties THC wasn’t discovered until 1960 for

so that’s when the THC was found to have the psycho impairing effects in the central nervous system So where THC works in the central nervous system much like your pain medications you know your opiates that’s where they work that’s where they do their pain-relieving properties but on a different level because they work also in the midbrain

which can shut down the respiratory system which is why they’re so dangerous in high doses marijuana THC does not have this effect It may make you impaired and you’ll fall asleep for several days or several hours but you won’t overdose but this is the exact opposite of where CBD works CBD works throughout the rest of the body and where CBD works on implant inflammation

It will affect some things in the in the cycle Uh the psychological world as well because it will reduce anxiety has been shown to provoke or to prevent the provoking of anxiety compounds in the body Same thing with depression it blocks or it tells your body to balance those depression provoking compounds that may cause depression

So, there’s there are many different positive benefits for these medications I call I think of them as medicine and therefore I think they should be regulated and that’s where our education comes in Absolutely It’s definitely sounds like medicine, I have a sampled CBD before and I can speak to It’s an anti-anxiety property and I’ve not yet had to had to use it for any pain relief So I’m not going one on that one but you’re too young

Oh yeah, I’ll get there I’ll get there I’ll stop by him and I understand exactly how many locations are there currently Just little old me I started in August of 2020 so I opened right in the middle of the pandemic It was a bit of a ride for you It has been a bit of a ride It’s been very interesting because of course it took me six months to open uh right in the middle of a pandemic Then of course

people were afraid to come out So I was challenged not only by uh this this covid pandemic but of course you know people look at what I do and think oh she’s just a stoner You know it’s just a pothead or and they come into the store and they’re surprised because it really does have a healthy well-being appearance because as a nurse my number one priority is safety

So, everything in the store has third party lab tested I’ve already vetted it I look at the mission and value of the company behind it because I know if people find something that works, they want that next bottle or that next jar to do that same exact thing you can’t you can’t uh discount the quality and the and the effectiveness and then of course we want to make sure that we give education

these compounds may not be appropriate for everyone for instance I do not ascribe to allowing anyone under the 21 to use anything with a THC base in it because that’s just not appropriate All the compounds and products in the store are regulated under the Farm Bill the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act which says that all products coming from hemp must

less than 0.3% THC and so that’s where the lab testing becomes very important to know what’s in it but also to know what’s not in it as a plant, we want to make sure that it’s tested for pesticides herbicides heavy metals because hemp is a bio accumulator drawing whatever in the soil is into the plant and that’s why they’ve planted it around the nuclear reactors the Fukushima and um

those Chernobyl nuclear disaster plants they planted hemp around the nuclear plants to pull radio activity from the soil So that’s why it’s important to know the lab test Yeah, I had no idea I could do all that Well I kind of understand why it’s taking so long as you get quite a vetting process Yes, it is Yes, it is but tell us about some of your products

mm the most popular products have b have turned to things like the gummies the oils The edible market is just huge and right now as all of these products are regulated under the Farm bill as a nutritional supplement

The FDA is also starting to look into potentially uh some regulations to allow it to be uh infused into foods It could be that you know your beer might have some CBD in it I already sell things like CBD

based coffee That’s one of our local club our local vendors King of clubs in CBD Coffee They’ve done a great job and infusing some local ground coffee King of clubs in Williamsburg give them a shout out Their coffee is very popular as you can imagine We’ve got ta pickles bath bombs lotions creams because we know that these compounds will work in the skin

which is made up of CB two receptors These are cannabinoid two receptors that are great for regulating the PH balance and the oil the secretions in the skin So they help to moisten the skin to hydrate the skin to reduce infection and to reduce inflammation because it is anti-infective and antifungal

We also know now that it’s antiviral so we can talk a little bit about the research that came out We got ta pickles and then of course we’ve got all types of edibles We’ve got your gummies your cookies your brownies You’re just anything you can imagine that the producers the vendors are getting very creative and then the oils I think are the most beneficial way because these are the oils that are sublingual lee administered under the tongue

and they have an immediate effect in the bloodstream as they are dispersed throughout the body to do what they do best and you know I was checking out some of the store photos on the Facebook page and you have kind of a you have a very nice cafe spa type of thing going on I really need to stop by We we’ve been we’ve been toying around with maybe making a happy hour not knowing what to call it yet

So, any ideas are welcome Happy calling 6 to 77979 Get a question get your questions answered on air by Dr. Denise Foster and come up with a name for alternative for happy hour Yeah, we have we call our store the happy place because everyone who comes in is either happy to find us or when they leave, they’re very happy They’re very happy that their needs have been met

And they usually come back for more and that’s the most gratifying as a nurse I saw so much despair so much disease and after 35 years of helping patients in the community manage things like their medications and their diseases It was it’s very frustrating to not be able to help people and now that I have completely switched gears

it has become nothing short of a miracle for me to be able to end my career on this note where I am actually in the community, I think making a difference one person at a time I love it I love to hear 757627797 I get your questions answered in what is the contact info again for Hemp Haven doctor

I can be reached at 6093767 and on Facebook I have Hemp Haven Chesapeake and on Instagram Hemp Haven Chesapeake but I’m there every day I’ve been working two years nonstop

but loving every minute of it right I do I love every minute This has to be something of a passion and it has to be something that you’re dedicated to because the adversity I call them speed bumps the speed bumps are notorious and we are all in the cannabis industry experiencing these speed bumps at different levels and in different ways but we keep rolling Absolutely and so again Haven offers free consultation through a phone or virtually and what are some of the common questions you get

one of the first questions I get is will these products make me high and the answer is yes depending on what products you use well they make me feel funny and that’s where we come in because of course in working with medical cannabis patients over the last several years

One of the first things that they would share is you know I want to treat my pain I want to treat my anxiety I want to treat my sleep problems or my cancer or my seizures or my restless lag I want to do all of this with medical cannabis but I don’t want to get high

And so that’s where we have an approach called micro dose ng approach It is using the smallest amount of any compound whether that be a cannabinoid CBD based compound or even a THC compound, we’re using the smallest dose So that’s where you work with us and we help you avoid that feeling if that’s not something you want to feel

So that’s one of the first questions that many people are worried about Another question that we always like to field or to start with is are you worried about drug testing We know that there are safety concerns and even with the farm regulated .3% THC levels in the compounds in the

products some tests will still test positive as a drug test and so if you rely on your job, we don’t want you to lose that if they are a safety sensitive position and so we want to make sure that we steer you away from any product that might contain even that low level of THC good looking out love to hear and uh another question I have is um

pets A lot of people are very concerned about their pets especially around like fourth of July fireworks are going off everything and the pets going great I’ve heard uh CBD products for pets can have really been kind of a haven for them Do you do you offer anything for that Absolutely We have pet products as well What’s so interesting about these compounds is that they interact with the system in our body This is a physiological system known as the endocannabinoid system

This is a system that governs and balances all the other body systems So that’s why it can be used as a psychological well-being It can be used for inflammation and physical well-being and what’s even more interesting is that every animal on earth including our furry family friends has an endocannabinoid system

And so that’s why it works in our pets as well for anxiety We have a lot of customers who will say that they give their pet

their CBD uh their CBD products for trips to the vet for trips car trips car sickness for things like fireworks for going to the groomers and it will work in them because it has the same effects Usually, we don’t see the impairing effects because we are going to give your dog or your kitty much more much smaller doses, we’re back to that micro dose approach So there’s no danger and it can be used in conjunction with many other medications as well

And I do know that many vets have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering their own CBD products in their veterinary practice Excellent So it’s definitely a specialized product for pets Like I couldn’t like I couldn’t talk my dog I got gummy one of my gummies I would I wouldn’t do that the really the thing that sets the pet

apart is their dosage level The dosages are usually smaller and then usually they’re flavored Right I don’t want you know salmon flavored oil So that’s usually the most significant differences and you really want to tailor it to your pet depending on the pet’s weight Excellent Well 7576277979 We’re going to be hitting our Fox news break here in just a moment but one thing I want to ask is um

usage of CBD would uh over time would compound usage of that kind of negate the effects Like would it have a lesson effect over time I guess my question that’s a great question There is no tolerance effect that’s called a tolerance effect

And this is something that we really associate with pain management and use of things like opioids where you start to take an opioid to manage your pain and then after a while you notice that one pill doesn’t work anymore Now you need two pills Well after a while two pills won’t work anymore and you need more pills and it keeps escalating and that’s where the danger comes in These products do not work that way When you when you’re thinking about a pharmaceutical like an opioid

the activity in the in the brain is that it blocks the pain so it really doesn’t treat the underlying cause of the pain It just blocks the pain stimulation from going through C B D and the products found in these in these plants do not have that effect Remember they are working in an entirely different system

where they balance the endocannabinoid system and they begin to treat the underlying cause pain is usually associated with long standing inflammation or an inflammatory process in the body and so that’s where CBD once you find a dose that works specifically for the effect that you’re looking for you will never need to change your dose Excellent Well 75762779 Get your questions answered right here on air by Dr Denise Foster of Hemp Haven She’s here for the next half

Quick break We’re coming right back with more on this Just fascinating sign There’s a lot to cover It’s really a groundbreaking discovered through research has been found to have some antiviral properties which I’m looking forward to getting into right after this Fox news break Keep it here on AM 7 90 W N I S

That’s right isn’t no stopping us now because we’ve had Dr. Denise Foster FM paving here and she’s shedding all kinds of light on CBD and the industry and just and all kinds of legislation It’s an it’s a new world It is Who would have thought that Virginia would be the first southern state to legalize cannabis Absolutely and there is

let’s go over against some of that legislation on the horizon So the controlled substance act and what are the what are the names of the bills that are before Congress at the moment

right now, there there’s the safe Banking act which was defeated as part of the National Defense authorization Act, they pulled it back out we’ve been trying to get safe banking for several years for the last five years I think and again it’s to protect the retailers because we’re in this schizophrenic where the F D I C Says that it’s a controlled substance whereas the states are legalizing it So right now cannabis businesses no matter what you’re in

is usually an all-cash business So that’s very that’s very significant because we know that that there’s a lot of safety concerns around that Then we have the marijuana opportunity reinvestment and Expungement Act that’s been sitting in the Senate and we’re hoping that that sees some movement this year and then just in December of last year the first Republican backed cannabis legalization was introduced in the House So?

there’s a lot of movement There are indications that more republicans are jumping on board because again we’re seeing the economic value of this and we want to make sure that we do it the right way in Virginia Absolutely and yes Well tell us again what’s been your experience with banking I understand you’ve run into some trouble a couple of times

Yeah, Last year I had two business bank accounts with two different banks and they shut me down Uh the first one shut me down with a 15-minute notice saying they called me up 15 minutes before my doors were open and they said we’re closing your account now

And of course, that left me scrambling but more significantly left my customer scrambling because this is almost a cashless society now and I had to revert to you know cash only for several days trying to figure out what my next move was and then just before thanksgiving I had a two week notice that another bank shut me down and just closed my account without you know they wouldn’t even listen to my appeal I tried to appeal it because of course I had been a

banking with them for several years and I’ve had this particular bank for you know a very long time and they agreed to accept me and then made an arbitrary decision to just close my account because I’m a high risk prohibited entity because of the F D I C Rules and so that happened just before thanksgiving and it took me several months with the help of my network So thank you

uh to find another bank that would be willing to take me on but this is a conundrum Again we’re back to Governor Jenkins quote about this being a problem This is a problem for retail industries and for the hemp growers in Virginia hemp cultivators who are extremely uh well versed in their craft Virginia is actually a hemp state Again we’re back to the colonies of Jamestown

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson where hemp plantation owners in fact Thomas Jefferson have a patent for a machine that can process large volumes of hemp

So, we have these problems in the financial area where we are in the industry felt were orphans Nobody wants us, we they bounce us back and forth because the banks say that we’re uh we’re prohibited because of the controlled substance act Whereas the states have given us all of the licenses and regulations and uh movement that we need permission if you will to do what we’re doing

So, we really need to fix this problem before more legalization comes into Virginia because of course we are now on a fast track to have this up and running by January of 2023

and you say that’s a little too soon of a deadline So what are some of the channels that you that need to happen before this all takes effect Well; I would never say it’s too soon of a deadline I think it just needs to be looked at in the right way we do need to think about the Social Equity I know that Virginia has already begun the process of sealing records that are related to nonviolent criminal

indictments and criminal sentences related to possession or use of cannabis So that’s something that needs to happen We also need to look at the social justice issues where you know communities of color and people who were severely impacted by the war on drugs If you will have been left behind for instance in Virginia we already have

medical cannabis and there are uh concern that the big guys the big cannabis companies for instance in Portsmouth we have a very large healthcare company running the medical marijuana dispensary and that has kind of shut the little guys out and I know that part of the regulations from the cannabis coalition that was put into authority last June

Uh July excuse me of 2021 they’re looking at how to use those types of social equity principles to make sure that people are not left out and that really should benefit from this legalization movement

Yes, Change is sorely needed and as with most things change the rule change It begins at home So educate yourself and you can do that right here in game 7 90 W one is 6277979 Dr Denise foster of Hemp Haven uh affectionately known as the weed nurse, I understand she is here to answer your questions Any curiosities you might have uh and more So even do a

do you one better go down to Hemp Haven sample these products Find out for yourself at the 480 Kempsville Road. This is in Chesapeake across from the Walmart neighborhood market, correct? Alright and give them a call 757-609-3767 Facebook Instagram Hemp Haven Chesapeake dot Hemp Haven dot store They offer consultations over the phone or virtually but again Doctor Denise Foster here in studio 7576277979

Now I understand that there’s been some groundbreaking research recently regarding some antiviral properties Let’s hear more about that

This was a research study that was just released last week that has rocked the cannabis world rocked it I mean this is to me this is almost a Nobel prize winning level science and it’s so interesting because we do know that these compounds found in either the hemp or the marijuana plant

have physiological activity and that’s what has driven this research for the last eight decades and why does this plant have so many interactions with so many different receptor systems in our body and so the research that came out last week was from the university of Oregon

And this research publication showed that there are compounds found not so much in cannabis because remember the majority compound found in cannabis is the THC which is psycho impairing These compounds come from hemp and these compounds have the ability to block the entry of the covid 19 virus into the human cell

And while everyone is all happy and giddy that that this is cannabis that is doing this What I find amazing is that a natural plant a natural compound has now been discovered to block entry of a virus into the cell These are usually properties that we

attribute to pharmaceuticals We have antivirals such as the vaccination we have other antivirals we have antibiotics we have antifungal So we know that in a pharmaceutical sense we can create compounds from a lab that can do this This is the first time a natural substance has been found

And the irony is that that hemp wasn’t even the first choice of these researchers This research came out of as I said the university of Oregon It was led by a scientist named Dr. Richard Van Bremen and he is actually a scientist who is interested in how natural compounds interact with the human body

And so, this this team of scientists discovered after researching black cohosh red clover and licorice So three other items that we typically associate with some physiological properties in the body They went moved onto hemp and they used three compounds They used C B D A

C B G A and THC-A Well those were the three that they found that were the most likely to have this blocking ability at the cell interact action site where the virus would attach from the end of its spike protein to the cell of the body to enter it

Unfortunately, this is THC-A They were not allowed to use this in their experiments in their research because THC-A the a after all of these compounds stands for acid These are the precursors these are the compounds that eventually convert into C B D and C B G and of course with A T H C A

That converts to THC and so of course can’t have these mad scientists you know running around getting high in their laboratories So that was excluded from the research but the amazing thing was that they found that these compounds the C B D A and the C B G a Will block the binding of the Covid spike protein to the cell which prevents transmission into the cell creating infection

So, we are excited to add these compounds to uh the whole regimen of what we can do to prevent COVID 19 It’s just another tool right now the research is still in its infancy we don’t know a dose but we were we’re going to assume micro dosing approach but what was so fascinating another irony is that Dr Van Bremen and his team approached the NIH in 2020 So they went to the National Institutes of Health in 2020 with this proposal

And I want to quote an interview article that I read that says that when Dr van Bremen and his team went to the NIH one of the researchers said at the NIH that no one has made the proof the principle that this can work

So, they blocked the funding of this study at the NIH because there was no precedent on that this could work in the human body So they blocked the discovery because there was no science behind it

It’s a conundrum it’s an irony So Dr Van Greenman and his research team did what we do best which is we said OKAY moving over this speed bump and they funded this study themselves and once they funded this study and they again they looked at first other compounds like licorice and red clover

and then they moved on to hemp because they do know that hemp contains numerous physiologically active compounds, we already know what CBD and C B G Can do for the body Their incredible anti-inflammatory They also have antifungal and antibacterial properties

So why not antiviral and so this is just an amazing time because now this research is probably going to Foster in other research that is going to show that there are many different ways to use these compounds for well-being That is so exciting It’s fascinating and this this research rocked the science world I had

I probably had a dozen texts on the day that this research was released because this came out of nowhere This was something not expected We in the industry no of the immense potential benefits that just have yet to be discovered But no one expected a magnanimous and a momentous discovery such as this So a lot of credit to Dr Van breeden and his team

he is going to hopefully be funded maybe for another NIH study but if not, Dr van Bremen please reach out to the cannabis community because we would love to be able to fund your studies that show what these compounds can do in the human body Absolutely 7576277979 Getting on this fascinating conversation and right now, we’re going to join speak to Richard in Norfolk has a question It’s a good morning, Richard are you with us

Yeah, good morning thanks you for taking my call Dr Foster I have tinnitus and I understand that CBD could help with the tinnitus But I’m concerned about whether how this would interact with some of the prescription medications I would take that I’m already taking


Question Yes so when we think of what these compounds can do, we know that they are neuro protectant meaning they are they will repair and restore nerve function and actually this is the 2003 we have this information from the 2003 patent

that was awarded to the United States Department Health and Human Services for cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuro protectant as far as interactions with medications When you are thinking about a medication that has a specific interaction with grapefruit

these are compounding These medications are compounds that will compete for the same liver enzymes that help to metabolize and eliminate the drugs So if you’re thinking about how to use these and you are on medications that may have some concerns related to grapefruit that’s why it’s best to come talk to us because there while there are no adv

diverse interactions meaning that you’re not going to have terrible side effects and you’re certainly not going to have things like liver or kidney impairment You do want to begin working with your primary care physician or your other physicians to begin monitoring those drugs that may have interactions with grapefruit because we can safely help you reduce the use of those drugs as well

Alrighty Thank you very much So if I go into your shop, I should bring a list of what it is I’m taking

That would be great We call that medication reconciliation and we always want to give you the latest and most informative on the research on how these drugs may affect your well-being and make sure that you’re taking them safely

Beautiful Thank you very much doctor I appreciate it

Thank you for your call for calling Richard and yes that’s a 480 Kempsville Road for you sir Suite one of four though I would maybe look for the heavens I might be more helpful than that Yes thank you for calling Richard and we are going to move along to Sean in Newport News Good morning, Sean you with us

Thank you Thank you for taking my call I’m sorry I don’t know the lady’s name but I’ve got a question for her and maybe it’s related or not related I’m not sure Okay I’m on the internet a lot and I’ve seen these pop-up things that are I don’t know if she knows what that term means for the dispense cannabis and people sell cannabis related materials

What struck me as odd is I can’t get a clarification on the legality of these things Yea or nay secondly, I found that law enforcement is doing security at these events If it’s not legal then how are the police doing security for these pop-up things when people sell marijuana and use it on site

Does she have any knowledge or can she explain the actual legality where we are with us know You

should ask her directly Yeah There are so many crazy activities happening out there now and that’s again when we could we could um

we could bring it down from the schizophrenic United States of cannabis to the schizophrenic commonwealth of Virginia of cannabis but right now we are in a transition period So really the laws that are so important for us to understand is that according to the law that was enacted by former Governor Northam was

In general Adults 21 and older may possess not more than one ounce of cannabis for personal use and it may be used in private residences and so therefore I don’t know Uh the legalities behind these events that you have that you’ve mentioned I do know that they’re out there I hear people coming into the store all the

time talking about them as far as how the law enforcement is interacting with them That would be a question for them I would I would encourage you to ask questions in that area but adults and what did they say and them

responses I asked I said are you on duty doing this and he just said just move along I said wait a minute

I asked her to a direct question sir You work for the taxpayer Are you on ours for the public working here No So you’re here in your uniform doing security for event that is quasi legal and I’m a participant in this man I’m not no informant I was there buying edibles for my wife That’s what I was doing Okay I believe we need to have a little bit of honesty in these in this conversation

Some people just want to catch a buzz at home and get high and that’s their business the same way they do drinks at home or whatever you choose to do with your life But it seems like there’s this whole phantom thing moving around what you can do this and you can’t do this anybody but you can’t do this but just don’t talk about it and it’s just very strange what are we going to do with these C B D S Uh do they leave trace amounts for your analysis test for people or what is this

It’s just very confusing time for people that would really like to participate in this and there’s no clarification and it’s like everybody is like the first person getting in the pool nobody wants to dip their toe in it unless they’re guaranteeing a pot of money So I hear what you’re saying about some of these things these are all revenue driven and I would just like to make one more point if I could a lot of people would really like to see the legalization of marijuana for adult usage Okay

I will say this and you’re going to get mad at me Please don’t at least at least hear me when you start mixing things like social justice and you start talking about that That turns people off That turns me away, I don’t want to hear about that when there are laws out there good or bad and when people break them, they break them we need to change the laws We can’t go back in time and change what happened People make choices and they live with them I do every day

when you start going down that road, we’re getting off topic here I support what you’re doing as far as legalization but if it’s figuring out who gets the money and or tipping the balance to this one racial group another, I don’t like that at all We live in a capitalist society and that’s the way it should stay You’re very interesting lady and I found it very knowledgeable on the subject Thank you for your time

Well thanks for those comments I agree with all of that

Where I think about the social justice part is not so much that we are going to see uh you know favoritism but if you look back on the history it’s the social justice part comes from

The demonization back in the 1930s and this actually started just after the Mexican American war and it really was in the 1930s that the case was made against this terrible marijuana plant that was coming across the border from Mexico and of course the Mexicans who were leaving Mexico after that that event were to

taking American jobs and the demonization of the plant really began there and there’s a lot of great historical books that talk about the socioeconomic reasons for the prohibition movement and why we legalized alcohol after a very unsuccessful prohibition of alcohol

And this is where it needs to if the law was wrong back then for the reasons that it was created to be made illegal then that needs to be removed Because the implications that continue to follow these individuals around is it prevents them from applying for jobs It prevents them from receiving mortgages It prevents them from being enlisted in the military or maybe even being a law enforcement officer or a government

official It prevents them from receiving student loans How can we continue to promulgate a bad law when it was wrong to begin with and it continues to influence individuals even today and so that’s where we see the social justice not in prioritizing one group over another It’s how can we right the wrongs that were created in this frenzy to prohibit a plant

that has natural properties and now we’re finding that it even can prevent covid infection So this is very much a problem Back to Governor Young can very much a problem how we need to fix these wrongs and how we need to make sure that we don’t demonize and prohibit something because of the wrong reasons Well said yes and there’s a lot needs to be said A lot needs to be learned by many people across the board And

so going back to the antiviral properties really quick though concerning anti infection Is a is this a substitute for vaccination or is this more meant to work in conjunction with them It can work in conjunction It’s another tool that is now in our repertoire There’s still a lot of research that needs to be conducted Again we don’t know where we’re going with it but we do know one thing The research

searchers Dr. van Bremen and his team did note that this must be consumed orally So smoking and vaping of a cannabis plant are not going to get you the protective properties This has to be either in an edible an oil uh gummy uh something of that nature a capsule a pill We sell all of these at offer these at Hemp Haven

and but it has to be consumed orally and it’s not found in the cannabis plant It’s only found in the hemp plant So that’s where again you have to have the education behind it and that’s what you’ve been doing this past hour Uh, we really appreciate you stepping in there

Denise Foster It’s Hemp Haven at 480 Kempsville Road Suite 104 is in Chesapeake across from the Walmart neighborhood market contact them directly 7576 oh 93767 Chesapeake dot Hemp Haven dot store on Facebook and Instagram at Hemp Haven Chesapeake and we have about 60 seconds or so left in the show I’m going to talk to you Dr Denise What is what would you like our audience to know parting words parting words I love my job

I love what I do I helped to educate people I helped to match them to a product They come to me and say I’m getting referrals from physicians from chiropractors from mental health practitioners from massage and physical therapists They all come to me saying no one can fix me I don’t have any help So this is where we come in and for that I love my job and the community is better for you have in your job in it

Well thank you for joining us this hour Dr. Denise and we will speak to you again hopefully very soon and I’m really eager to hear more about the research and uh just the journey this industry is taking and you’re at the front lines of it and we are just so happy to have you aboard Thank you again AM 7 90 W N I S That’s going to do it for this hour and up next to ask the expert with United Funding Corp keep it here on AM 7 90 W N I S.

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