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Posted at 11:02 PM, Dec 12, 2020
and last updated 11:28 PM, Dec 12, 2020

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. – High school senior Nadia Carr holds on tightly to her stuffed bear Teddy Freddy throughout the school day. She said the bear and being with her peers at Roadstead Montessori High School’s outdoor classroom eases her anxiety.

“I would rather be outside instead of at home not only because of distractions, but because I got a lot more energy and I’ve got no place to let it out which it also brings out more of my anxiety.”

Nadia is not alone when it comes to feeling overwhelmed about making the grade in the age of COVID-19. For many students, remote learning has intensified a feeling of isolation and anxiety.

Denise Foster owns Hemp Haven, a store in Chesapeake that’s full of CBD and hemp products.

Foster said since opening the shop in August, there’s been at least a dozen parents coming in to ask about CBD products for their kids to help alleviate the stresses and pressures of school.

“I do have parents that will bring their children in and are interested in using the CBD gummies for anxiety for their children because right now, our school-aged children are a little bit anxious and stressed themselves.”

CBD is extracted from marijuana or hemp but doesn’t contain THC, the chemical that makes you feel high. It comes in many forms, from oils and lotions to pills and even gummies.


Foster, who’s been a nurse for 37 years, said more parents are turning to CBD to help their kids focus, sleep, and feel more relaxed. She said CBD helps to relieve pain and makes people feel better.

“Anything from pain and inflammation, sleep, anxiety, stress, relaxation,” Foster said.

Foster said a person shouldn’t take more than 1,200 milligrams a day but said her products are quality and have a certificate of analysis.

“These products are safe,” she said. “They are non-toxic. There is no such thing as a lethal dose, so no one will ever overdose on these compounds.”

With the popularity of CBD on the rise, people can find them just about anywhere including gas stations and corner stores, but they may want to buy with caution.

Lab testing for CBD levels and contaminants is not mandatory in Virginia, making it harder to verify the safety of the product.


“They all need to be tested for things like heavy metals, like arsenic, lead and cadmium,” Foster said. “They also need to be tested for pesticides and herbicides, and they also need to be tested for their extraction methods.”

While the medical community considers pure CBD relatively safe, doctors stress more research is needed when it comes to kids and its long-term effects or possible associated risks.

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